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New Report Highlights Horrors of Texas Greyhound Racing

Monday, March 18, 2013 - 4:00pm
New Report Highlights Horrors of Texas Greyhound Racing

We already knew that Greyhounds at racetracks suffer immensely. But today, Greyhound advocate group GREY2K USA released a report that shows just how bad things are for dogs forced to race in Texas.

The report, produced with funding from the ASPCA, showed that at Texas racetracks:

• Greyhounds are forced to live in confined, stacked cages, with large Greyhounds being unable to stand fully erect in their cages.
• In 2012, six Greyhounds died at Gulf Greyhound Park from a form of canine influenza, often a recurring epidemic in cramped living situations.
• In 2011, a Texas Greyhound trainer failed to obtain veterinary care for an injured Greyhound until two days after the injury occurred.
• Greyhounds are fed 4-D meat from diseased animals to reduce costs.

The report also showed that1,507 greyhound injuries were reported at Texas racetracks from January 2008 through December 2011. Fifty-six of these injuries were fatal or required euthanasia, with the most commonly reported injury being broken legs. Other serious injuries reported included torn muscles, puncture wounds, a fractured skull and paralysis.

Frankly, we don’t see why the Texas dog racing industry doesn’t just throw in the towel—Lone Star State residents are way over dog racing. The report shows that gambling on dog racing and dog race attendance are way, way down.

Angry? Join the ASPCA Advocacy Brigade to stand up for animals.

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Jennifer Murtha

This makes me ashamed of the state I call home. Please stop this cruelty!

Carol Beliveau

Using any animal as a form of human entertainment or making money is the cruelest possible thing to ever do.

Bonita Rankey

It's just not right making these animals live in such confined conditions and race so people can make money. Let them have a normal life, or give it up. Would you like to be kept in a small box unable to move???? You cruel idiots.

Nichole Guarino

This is a very disturbing and sad situation! I have lost faith in humanity completely! this needs to stop


Why is this still going on? This should end now, it is no longer popular and should be banned all over the United States. Just because Texas is considered the "Lone Star" state and they think of themselves as a different county, they shouldn't be aloud to torture animals. They are part of the United States, they should start acting like part a united nation instead of it's own self. It's not only selfish but it's hurting innocent animals.

Diane Lampe

I have owned 3 greyhounds. These dogs are so gentle....PLEASE STOP THE RACING OF GREYS....

Andrea hedges

So sad they should stop the racing n let them be happy dogs as they should be!!!! Stop this horrible act!!!

Jenny Jaegers

It is so sad that many people who claim to be against animal cruelty and would never watch a dog fight, are still going to these races for entertainment and to the circus and other activities that are pure animal cruelty. This breaks my heart. We can't always cure cancer or aids or solve poverty in one day but it is so easy not to support these races. Don't go!!!!!! It is so easy to not support animal cruelty but still so many people do. Breaks my heart.


such a cruel act to such a beautiful unique breed of dog.
People disgust me sometimes

Cleide Blackwell

I am heart broken! Humans can bee such monsters and so greedy that don't care...My heart goes out to those poor souls slaves of their owner and without a voice. Shame on you who race dogs and to whom bet on them. This has to STOP NOW!