Underhanded Ag-Gag & Other Farm Animal News for Late-March 2014

Friday, March 28, 2014 - 10:30am
Underhanded Ag-Gag & Other Farm Animal News for Late-March 2014

Chicken Scratch is an ASPCA Blog feature that highlights interesting news about farm animals and their welfare.

  • This might be a new low. Lawmakers in Kentucky got sneaky and added ag-gag language to a bill to ban gas chamber use at animal shelters—a bill that the ASPCA and other animal welfare groups had previously come out in support of. They’re trying to make it illegal to expose animal abuse on factory farms. The same thing is happening in Tennessee. Please take action if you live in TN or KY. Wherever you live, become a part of our Advocacy Brigade to stay updated.
  • With the help of our advocates and a multi-interest coalition, this year we’ve defeated ag-gag in New Hampshire and Indiana. Last year we defeated ag-gag bills in all 11 states that proposed them.
  • Finally, all 50 states will have felony-level penalties for animal cruelty now that South Dakota has passed Senate Bill 46—a huge milestone. But this and many other state laws exclude farm animals from protection. We will continue to work to close loopholes: All animal abuse should be taken seriously and punished appropriately. 
  • The Food and Drug Administration says drug companies have agreed to comply with the agency’s recommendation to phase out antibiotics used to accelerate farm-animal growth. Unfortunately, the same drugs can just be relabeled and used to “prevent” the illnesses caused by inhumane, unsanitary conditions on factory farms. This won’t help animals or the growing number of children getting sick from antibiotic-resistant infections.
  • A Dutch advertising standards commission decided that McDonald’s in the Netherlands was wrong to say on its website that it does not use cheap, fast-growing broiler chickens, and forced the company to take down the language. But these are the same types of chickens used for meat in the States, too. Learn more about fast-growing chickens at
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Yeah i know its so horrible like what they do to the chickens
in battery farms i live in victoria, australia so i
live very far away from all of you.
SAVE THE ANIMALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


There is a total dichotomy regarding how we treat animals in this country! What is going on! We have dogs and cats being tested in labs vs animal cruelty laws being enforced throughout the public. We have factory farms slaughter vs. animal cruelty laws throughout the public. What is it with this split personality gov't that says they are allowed to enforce certain injustices against these oppressed animals that we would normally consider torture and abuse in a public arena, but the public will be prosecuted for it. This is absolute schizophrenia. I am absolutely sick of it! We need better laws for animal rights ACROSS THE BOARD! I am NOT going to let big business and government tell me that abuse is OK in some circumstances but not in others. You can try and push your laws down my throat but I don't have to eat it or buy it! I am so disgusted with this country. People are helping helpless animals and being prosecuted for it and then called Terrorists....Terrorists, are you kidding me? Who did they kidnap, murder, steal from, or blow up? This is absolute nonsense and we all better start to see more clearly. The veil has been lighted from over my eyes because of Ag-gag so THANK YOU!