The Results Are in! Congratulating the Winners of the 2013 $100K Challenge

Monday, September 30, 2013 - 3:00pm
The Animal Foundation of Las Vegas, Nevada

It’s finally time—after three months of spirited competition, we are excited to announce the results of the 2013 ASPCA Rachael Ray $100K Challenge. Division 5 champion The Animal Foundation of Las Vegas, Nevada will take home the $100,000 grand prize in grant funding from the ASPCA. The organization accomplished an increase of 1,055 animals’ lives saved over the same period during 2012. Congratulations!  

The following division leaders will each receive $25,000 in ASPCA grant funding:

Division 1: Washington Animal Rescue League of Washington, D.C., with an increase of 326 lives saved over the prior year

Division 2: Texas Humane Heroes of Leander, Texas with an increase of 389 lives saved over the prior year

Division 3: HALO Animal Rescue of Phoenix, Arizona with an increase of 824 lives saved over the prior year

Division 4: Citizens for Animal Protection of Houston, Texas with an increase of 625 lives saved over the prior year

All told, the 49 Challenge contestants saved 56,379 animals’ lives over the course of the exciting three-month challenge—a combined increase of 12,050 lives saved compared to the same period during 2012. We are truly impressed by the dedication, hard work and creativity these shelters employed in order to find loving homes for thousands of animals in need. Congratulations to our Challenge winners, and to all those who participated. You deserve a round of applause!

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Judith Andersen

Wonderful, compassionate organizations!

Joy Kreger

Way to go CAPS in Houston! I have adopted all of my pets from them and can say they deserve every penny they won!

Dante Kelleher

Congratulations from NJ/NY.

Carla Casaca

Congratulations! Keep up the good work! Thank you for being so compassionate!


Big Congrats to The Animal Foundation of Las Vegas for all of their wonderful hard work on behalf of animals! Kudos to Rachael Ray for sponsoring this challenge which both encourages and rewards this commendable work on behalf of animals; who, deserve every bit of it!!!

Billie Jean

Hey Folks, this is bad when a KILL SHELTER wins big like this. Shame on you!!


Many thanks to all the angels of animals who now have a safer place to call home. Hope they are adopted. All our pets have been adopted and once homeless.

Mary Lou

Congratulations to all the successes the rescue groups have had ... and a big thank you to Rachel Ray for supporting animal causes.

maryann laukaitis

Thank you so very much for helping these animals.

Linda Norman

While I know that the intent of this contest is well meaning, I question the wisdom of it. Adoptees should be screened for suitability as a pet is a lifelong committment. When you virtually give away animals ($10 adoption fees, name your price etc. ) you have reinforced the idea of pets as commodities not the living breathing loving and needy critters they are. Please, no more contests like this. Instead why not give away 100 K for spay neuter in the at risk communities.