Pit Bull Scouts a Second Chance

Wednesday, September 4, 2013 - 11:00am
Black and brown pit bull outside sniffing grass

Aerin L. shared the following story with us about her dog Scout’s rough start as an abandoned puppy, his subsequent recovery and his happy adoption:

Scout, a black Pit Bull-Chow mix, was found with his three brothers—all around four-months-old—emaciated, close to death, coated in fleas and ticks, and suffering from severe cases of Demodex mange. The shelter that was called in to rescue the puppies said it was the worst case of mange they had ever seen. Scout in particular had not a strand of hair on his body, was covered in fleas and ticks, and his eyes were swollen shut.  

A woman who operated a rescue in the Chicago area fostered Scout, then known as LoveBug. When we went to the rescue to look at another dog, we met Scout. He was described as a sweet, fast learning, calm dog.

We adopted him and learned that his personality was far from what we anticipated. Untrained except for the command sit, we enlisted the help of  a dog trainer who taught him "down," "heel," "go potty," "wait," "stay," and more. She socialized him and helped him work through his fear of cars.

My plan is to work with Scout so he can achieve the "Canine Good Citizenship Award" before enrolling him as a therapy dog at children’s hospitals. I think children—especially those with cancer—will be able to connect with him. I hope they see his remarkable, and almost impossible, recovery as something they can look forward to. He's alive, well and happy.

Scout can help me educate the public about how loving Pit Bulls are and disprove the myths associated with the breed. 

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This story is heart warming, but what happened to the other three puppies?


Thank god for wonderful people like you that can tell these heart warming stories about saving such a valuable life.


That is so true about pit bulls. They are given a bad wrap. My daughter has two of them and they are the most loving dogs. In fact, they are being trained to be service dogs at a hospital in Boston. The hospital has met the dogs and absolutely loves them. Of course, they have seen the dogs separately, to see what they can do. They are doing great, and are well taken care of and trained and socialized with other dogs.


Thank you to the woman who fostered Scout. I absolutely love the idea you're working with him to become a therapy dog. My husband and I have 3 rescued dogs, one of which is a pit. While we're still in the process of working with and "re-socializing" her, she is already blossoming into a snuggle bunny. So many of these dogs are warm and loving, and it is the HUMAN that breeds and/or trains them to become fighting dogs. Sickening.


Dogs are what you are inside. If you are a caring, loving person so the animal will be. If you're mean and decitefiel so the animal will be. Love them and they will love back and even the smallest dog can be a danger to another person or dog or what ever. Never say never when it comes to an animal.


Thank you so much for adopting sweet & adorable Scout! It breaks my heart to see what he & the puppies went through! People who abuse animals should suffer severely for what they did, & they will not make it to heaven. I want to train hearing service dogs, & it will be so rewarding, just like what you & Scout do. <a href="">model railroad figures</a>


Tremendous that you took a chance with abused Scout. It takes love, care and patience and you gave him all that and gave him a new, beautiful life. I hope Scout becomes a therapy dog so the circle of light grows wider, more good and more good. Thank you for your compassionate work with Scout. You and your wonderful dog are blessed.


I have a pit bull, took him in when a some one had to go where he was band. As with most people I only knew what I had heard about the breed, but having him for over four years now, I could not imagine life without him. He was not well cared for before my friend took him in, suffered heat stroke and is mentally damaged, but his love and desire to please makes all that insignificant. He may never get past his mental block of "two" but to me he is a "10" and my Doberman's think he is one of them. He has opened my eyes and heart to pit bulls but I promised him that for now he will be Mommy's only baby pit.


I have a Pit Bull and she is so sweet she will never hurt a fly, well actually that's a lie she catches and eat them, but other then that she will never hurt anyone. The only time she will attach is when someone is trying to hurt kids or her family. I have made my own website about animal abuse and other stuff, if anyone would like to visit my website it is open to anyone @ and you can even write your own comments and post pictures of your animals and there is one huge section about animal cruelity on the website, SO PLEASE VISIT!!!


Hi, I'm in 6th grade and doing a school assingment, and i was just wondering what kinds of animals do you guys take in and can anybody adopt any animal? Is it free? i have more questons so if you have the time, please respond as soon as possible, thanks. :)