Meet the Stars of Operation Chihuahua!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010 - 2:00pm

Last week, the ASPCA welcomed 15 jet-setting Chihuahuas from San Francisco, CA, to its headquarters in Manhattan. It turns out that animal shelters in the Golden State are bursting at the seams with the wee little breed, and we are more than happy to help!  If you live near New York City, you're welcome to meet all the pups starting this Wednesday, January 13, at noon. In the meantime, here's a sneak peek at five of the cheeky, California canines.


Teeny, tiny Maximus is only two months old, but he's already comfortable in front of the camera. He just wants to be held. (Don't we all!) Though he looks like he could fit easily in your pocket, this little guy needs special care from an adopter who enjoys the challenges of raising a puppy.



One of our golden girls at seven years old, Colette is the elder statespooch of the Cali Chihuahuas. She has a funny grin that will keep you smiling for hours of cuddly couch time. Irresistible and unflappable, this love bug will make a stellar pet for any small apartment-dwelling, Big Apple resident. 


Orlando is a handsome, hunk of Chihuahua with a calm and collected demeanor. At five years old, this peaceful pup has supremely floppy ears and a face that would launch a thousand ships. Plus, he gets along great with his West Coast brothers and sisters. Surely he would make nice with a Yankee pooch, too.



Heartbreaker Holly is still a baby at one year old, and loves to cuddle and kiss her human friends. She has shiny black fur and precious white tips at the end of her 10 wee toes. This little lady would make the perfect addition to a caring family seeking some four-legged devotion. 


Jeb has more character in one tiny paw than many have in their entire furry bodies. At two years old and with an alluring underbite, he likes to "chat" with his Chihuahua neighbors at the ASPCA. Jeb would thrive with an adopter who has time to give him the attention and affection he deserves.

For more information about adopting a lil' pooch of your own, please visit or call our special Operation Chihuahua hotline at (212) 876-7700, ext. 3210.