Join Our Fight Against Anti-Whistleblower "Ag-Gag" Laws

Thursday, March 6, 2014 - 10:45am
Little white lamb

You may have heard a lot of talk about Idaho recently, and it’s no small potatoes. Idaho’s governor, C.L. “Butch” Otter, recently signed into law a controversial anti-whistleblower “ag-gag” bill that punishes those who expose abusive conditions on factory farms. Though Governor Otter claims this law will keep agriculture producers “secure in their property,” we, and countless others concerned about the welfare of animals, are extremely concerned about the greater implications of ag-gag.

In passing this bill, Idaho became the seventh state to enact an ag-gag law. By effectively closing out journalists, investigators, and even the general public from animal production facilities, the agribusiness industry can continue to keep consumers in the dark about where their food is coming from.

We have seen countless instances of abuse on industrial farms, including the recent case of a Wisconsin dairy farm that produces cheese for the frozen pizza brand DiGiorno. Undercover footage taken by Mercy For Animals caught workers at this farm viciously kicking, stabbing, beating, and dragging cows, and the footage led to 11 charges of criminal animal cruelty. Without such footage, we may never have known of these horrors, and because of ag-gag laws, we may never learn of countless other, similar instances.

Sadly, these bills are popping up everywhere, and we’re up against a mighty opponent. We, and the animals, need your help to make sure that no more of these bills, or any others that imperil the lives of animals, pass into law.


For the animals, for the safety of our nation’s food supply, and for the health of you and your family, please stand with us today.

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Hopefully Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah will be able to turn the rest of the State around.


I agree. We should organize a boycott all Idaho potatoes so that the people of that State know what we think of them.


This was a reply to Jane who said No Thanks to living in Idaho.


Very good idea, Virginia. Unfortunately, it seems that there is no better way to appeal to a person's conscience than hitting them in their pockets. This governor sounds like an idiot. Hoping there are enough good people in Idaho to put him out on his butt if he runs for re-election.


How are people in power allowed to make laws that protect their own interests rather than the interests & greater good of the community? I think any reasonably evolved person would agree that one measure of a civilized society is how a society takes care of its most vulnerable members - children, old people, the disabled - & animals. Clearly the governor of this state is not very evolved.


I agree! "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."...M. Gandi

stewart parks

You told that right!!!!!


Well stated Jane. Well stated indeed!!


I couldn't agree with you more, Jane. It's sad that people like this even get elected. And everybody needs to make sure they do not get re-elected. Idaho could use its natural resources and wild life to attract stressed out big cities citizen and families with kids to see how beautiful nature is and to truly relax. There would be more jobs (hotels/bed and breakfasts, tours, car renting facilities, and pretty much everything that has to do with tourism) coming to Idaho as well. How can you have a family vacation in an area where people are constantly hunting? I wouldn't want my kids to see killed animals bleeding or even be "involved in an accident" themselves.

Toni Mabry

Butch Otter, is against all things animal. Whether it be domestic or wild. He is the leading cause of the wolf campaign there in Idaho. He wants nothing to do with any animal and would like to see the all gone, from all the indications that he is showing the public. People of Idaho need to get him OUT!.