Inside Look: CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 Visits Temp Shelter for Dog Fighting Victims

Monday, September 16, 2013 - 12:30pm
Inside Look: CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 Visits Temp Shelter for Dog Fighting Victims

On Friday night, CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 aired a special segment from our temporary facility for the hundreds of dogs rescued in last month’s massive dog fighting bust. The ASPCA, along with responders from The Humane Society of the United States and other response groups, assisted with the removal of nearly 400 dogs, and we are now providing care and behavior enrichment in a temporary shelter at an undisclosed location.

Get an inside look of the dogs on their road to recovery with CNN’s Gary Tuchman and an interview with ASPCA President & CEO Matt Bershadker. 

With your support, we’ll continue to provide the rescued dogs with the extensive attention they so desperately need. Stay tuned to for more news to come.

Together we can save animals from lives of suffering and abuse.

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Thank you to Anderson Cooper and his CNN team for bringing public attention to this most gruesome and sadistic practice and what is being done to save these abused, poor animals. It is hard to believe, but a whole lot of people still do not fully understand the horror of dog fighting and the plight of the dogs.


Right On Sista !!!!


Emma's comment is from the heart and I agree with every word. These dogs and their treatment by sadists, both those who provide the dogs to the rings and those who pay to watch, need more media exposure of their reprehensible behavior.


I just made a contribution to the ASPCA in NY to help with the care & rehabilitation of these beloved animals. Thank you ASPCA for taking them in, away from the brutality of dog fighting. Hopefully with months of love & kindness they will be able to be adopted into loving homes. Simply breaks my heart...........