Hope and Healing for Waffle the Chihuahua

Wednesday, March 26, 2014 - 10:15am
Brown and tan chihuahua

Meet Waffle. This charming Chihuahua spends her days playing with toys, snuggling into warm blankets, and running around with fellow dogs. But that wasn’t always the case. Waffle first came to the ASPCA as one of a hundred dogs rescued from an animal hoarder. Her life at that point had been defined by loneliness and neglect, and the traumatic experience left her with an extreme distrust of humans. When we met her, she was anxious, timid, and very, very afraid.

While others may have seen Waffle as a lost cause, we knew that she was a perfect candidate for the ASPCA’s Behavioral Rehabilitation Center in Madison, New Jersey. The center, which celebrates its one-year anniversary this week, is the first-ever facility dedicated entirely to behavioral rehabilitation for canine victims of cruelty.

Waffle spent more than two months working closely with the staff at the Behavioral Rehabilitation Center. Through our comprehensive treatment plan, she was able to tackle her fears and transform into the sweet-as-syrup pup she is today. She is now an official “graduate” of the Center, and she’s ready to take on the next chapter of her life.

When you donate to the ASPCA, you are supporting projects like the Behavioral Rehabilitation Center. With its combined mission of welfare and research, the Center is at the forefront of progress in its field. But it can’t run on good intentions alone. With your support, we can continue to give dogs like Waffle a chance to heal, and, more importantly, a second chance at life.

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If you live in or near New Jersey and are interested in adopting Waffle, please contact Second Chance Pet Adoption League at [email protected]. Waffle is looking for a home with another friendly dog!

Before and after of neglected chihuahua

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Waffle, I wish you love and fun and so much happiness. How precious and adorable you are. How brave you are! And thank you to all the fine people who patiently worked with you and brought out the true and perfect Waffle in you.




Yes...Emma did say it best. I wish Waffle all the love and luck in the world and I hope someone special comes along and gives Waffle a great forever home!


In agreement Emma. The people at the ASPCA are true heroes...


Waffle, I just wish you were in Houston so I could adopt you! Amazing how love and patience will soothe years of prior wounds. Just for the 'before and after' pics, one can see WHAT A DIFFERENCE these fine folks have made Waffle's life and who knows: she may end up being one's therapy dog!!! I have a magnet on my car that is a paw print and it says, "Who rescued Who?" Animals are such a blessing with their unconditional love and you have restored Waffle to full life! Many kudos!!! Keep up the good work!!


Well said...

Lynn Wolf

Emma, you said it all! Waffle, you are just so precious. I have no doubt you will find your forever home very soon. Thanks to the staff at the ASPCA for all of the wonderful care you gave Waffle and all you do for all of the other precious animals. Lots of love to Waffle!!!


Waffle has taught all of us a very important lesson.


Well said Emma and ditto!
Much love to Waffle, all the animals and everyone involved everyday!

sally meserole

Ditto what Emma said. What a transformation!!