Blog—the “Stop Chasing Tail” Crusader Is at it Again!

Monday, October 25, 2010 - 10:45am

Last week we introduced you to wacky pet crusader Joey Henry of, whose straightforward approach to ending pet overpopulation is causing quite the stir. Simply put, Joey’s on a mission to stop cats and dogs from having sex!

We’re the first to admit we had our doubts about Joey’s “stop chasing tail” campaign, but his series of slapstick video escapades continue to generate buzz—and for good reason, they’re really weird and funny!

Recently launched on his Facebook page, Joey’s latest web-flick is a parody of the A&E hit Intervention. In a pseudo-therapist role, Joey sternly confronts an unaltered pooch, Scruffy, about his unabashed addiction to sex. Sound a bit bizarre? Maybe—but we certainly couldn’t stop laughing.

All jokes aside, this maverick deserves a round of applause for tackling such a serious issue with humor and heart—but the question remains, does Joey really understand the spay/neuter message? And more importantly, can he handle this mission on his own?

Everyone could use a little support—perhaps we’ll give him a call.

Check out Joey’s latest video escapade on Facebook—and see for yourself what the buzz is all about.