Florida Must Answer for Appalling Record of Greyhound Deaths

Wednesday, February 19, 2014 - 4:00pm
Sad greyhound

Of the 21 active dog tracks in the U.S., more than half (12) are in Florida. Florida law requires dog tracks to report all racing-related deaths, and an analysis of these death notifications from 2013 reveals that on average, a Greyhound died from racing-related injuries every three days in Florida last year.

With assistance from the ASPCA, Greyhound protection group GREY2K USA created a report, “The Final Lap,” that summarizes last year’s devastating deaths at Florida’s tracks. The report was released today at a joint press conference held in Tallahassee, during which ASPCA Vice President of State Affairs Ann Church and several state legislators called for the passage of a bill to protect Greyhounds.

Watch GREY2K USA’s new video on dog racing in Florida:

If you live in Florida, you can help—please visit to urge state lawmakers to eliminate the mandate that requires gaming facilities to hold dog races.

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JUST STOP RACING THESE DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think we all realize the consequence of racing and the horror that these dogs undergo. My last trip to Jacksonville by plane, I turned the corner within the airport, and there was a gigantic poster of a greyhound with a muzzle racing. I wanted so badly to call the responsible party in Florida to let them know how horrified I was to see this advertisement. Could someone please let me know what political person I can call to let the lawmakers know that this is a crime of humanity. These dogs are not being protected and they are always in danger by the hands of those that own them. Tired of seeing these dogs fall through the cracks, with the law, and seeing them being overlooked. Lets expose this to the United States. Please respond with contact information, Florida!!!! The Galagos of Spain are hard enough to bare, lets wake America Up


We have owned retired racing Greyhounds for 7 years now after living in Florida for 8 years. We attended many Greyhound races in the Tampa St. Pete tracks. The abuse of these wonderful dogs was unknown to us at that time. Greyhounds deserve to be treated with great care. I am glad Florida is regulating this abuse


As usual when I see animal abuse, tears are running down my eyes. I just don't understand. Why do these dogs have to be raced? Can't they live a life of freedom? Its so sick that people are making money off of the murder of these beautiful creatures. I will never understand abuse of any kind. My heart breaks each time I see an animal being tortured. Please, people of Florida, stop this insanity.

Deb Z

I love animals and this is barbaric. Florida, what is wrong with this state besides it's politicians? No animal should be killed or treated so badly. I cried watching that video.

Marcia Moore

It's really pathetic and arrogant for humans to think it's ok for an animal to suffer as long as it is entertaining to humans! If you want to gamble go to a casino, at least that way a poor dog will not have to be the real loser! Take animals out of this equation, they deserve to be treated better! These parks should have been history a long time ago!


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i don't need to watch! just stop this dog racing! it's just as cruel as dog fights using pits and other big dog breeds!

stewart parks

Oh, the" beast in human nature" never ceases to sicken me. These great dogs, trained to win races and make money for their owners ...and then put out to pasture or killed when they are no longer physically able to make these money mongers money.. The owners of greyhounds have a responsibility for their lives. Unfortunately greed consumes and clouds their better judgement. I hope and pray that laws will be made for the continued upkeep of greyhounds after retirement. It is the good and right thing to do!!

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