Factory Farming Video: The Brutal Basics of Modern Farms

Thursday, May 1, 2014 - 11:45am
Factory Farming Video: The Brutal Basics of Modern Farms

Confine, medicate and mass-produce: This is the basic operating strategy of America’s factory farms, and it’s very bad news for farm animals. Today the ASPCA is releasing a new animated video that tells the chilling story of how modern, industrial agriculture practices defy common sense and cut corners—and how the industry follows that up by pushing for state laws to hide the rampant animal cruelty.

 “Ag-gag” bills are attempts to criminalize efforts to investigate illegal or unethical activities—like animal abuse, food safety violations and unsafe working conditions—taking place on factory farms. Ag-gag legislation is sweeping this country like an epidemic, with almost half of all states having proposed these unconstitutional bills that would punish those who would speak truth to power. The ASPCA is fighting to block these bills wherever they appear.

Help us by watching the video, signing this anti-ag-gag petition to your state lawmakers, and sharing both with your friends!

Whistleblowers have brought to light horrendous cruelty and sickening conditions on factory farms. The American public deserves to know where our food is coming from, and the ASPCA is committed to improving the lives of farm animals—but these fundamental protections can’t be achieved  when it’s a crime to simply expose the truth. It’s time for lawmakers to stop protecting Big Ag and start supporting American values like transparency, a safe food supply and animal welfare. 

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Kelly, sorry, but you're still not getting it if you are ONLY vegetarian. What is simply a gallon of milk or block of cheese to you, is a life sentence for a dairy cow. The same is true for that omelette you had for's not JUST is a horrendous "life" sentence for those chickens. Go VEGAN!


I am proud of you for your change in lifestyle! Don't let the naysayers get in your way of doing the best you can on a daily basis. One step at a time, one day at a time!

Diana Gascon

I became a vegan at the age of 14. I have NEVER once missed meat, in all my life.

Leslie Fish

Going vegan is no solution. Biologists are finding more and more solid evidence that plants have awareness, protect their young, form societies, communicate with each other -- and feel pain. The answer is to treat all living things with respect, and put an end to *all* factory farming.

Frank King

I agree Samantha. So called civilized society is actually more cruel the the brutality inflicted on animals by other animals. We as humans should be ashamed of ourselves, but we are not. Money and greed overrides all common sense and compassion that should be given to our fellow living creatures on this earth. God will be the final arbitrator in the end when we meet our maker.


Amen Frank, :)


I am in agreement with all, remember though it was god who gave man dominion and permission to exploit animals Gen.3 and I Peter. However, I don't think he meant for man to torture and mutilate animals for amusement or profit. Morality, subjective or not, does not seem to draw a clear defining line. I suppose that is what we humans refer to as the 'gray area', an area where people take liberty of moral priniciples and shape them to server their own interests. In summation, IT WILL NOT BE A HAPPY ENDING!


humans wrote Gen 3, not a god. It is just people justifying themselves.


Thank You Laura!!!


When God gave man dominion over animals, it was meant as a stuardship. Because we have that power over animals, it is our duty to protect and care for them, not exploit them.