Athletes Take Action Against Killing of Stray Dogs in Sochi

Friday, February 21, 2014 - 5:00pm
Athletes Take Action Against Killing of Stray Dogs in Sochi

It’s been all over the news: The glamour and excitement of the games in Sochi have come at the expense of thousands of innocent stray dogs. Ahead of the games, the government hired a private company to eliminate stray dogs from city streets.

Now, the athletes themselves are joining the public outcry and efforts to save these precious dogs.  Last week, slopestyle skier Gus Kenworthy tweeted photos of four adorable stray puppies and their mother. (He them found hiding near the competition area.) The medalist pledged to bring the pups back to the States the moment he saw them.

We’re so happy the pups now have a second chance. Thank you, Gus!

The action doesn’t end there. ESPN correspondent Sarah Spain also saw the plight of the Sochi dogs and wanted to get involved helping homeless pets in her own community—so she’s pitching in!

“Like many people I was heartbroken to learn about the stray dogs being killed in Sochi,” says Spain. “While we may not be able to help those dogs, we can help homeless pets in our own backyard,” she explains. “In honor of the Sochi dogs, I’ve teamed up with a dedicated group of celebrities to help raise funds for the ASPCA.”

Thank you, Sarah and Gus. Your actions inspire us all.

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Thank you to our great-hearted Olympians, Gus Kenworthy and Lindsey Jacobellis, who have reached out to the stray dogs of Sochi. Thank you to ESPN correspondent Sarah Spain, too. I just saw a segment on TV on the charity of many Russians who are also trying to save as many dogs as possible with their own money and hard work and makeshift shelters and volunteerism. It was heartening.


Don't forget the NHL players and their families who have also saved dogs in Sochi.
David Backes of the St Louis Blues, with the help of Megan Kay(gf of Jeff Carter of the LA Kings) has saved two puppies who are now in St. Louis!! Yay!!


I want the dog in the facebook article...looks like a terrier...adorable!!!

D. Elam

I am so happy that our athletes are doing what they can to be a positive influence for animal welfare in Sochi. BRAVO! That's the way to do it! The dogs thank you and so do we!


What about the puppies mom?
The puppies were saved.. that mother I imagine would be at a loss without her pups.:(


Gus took the mom as well. He's keeping two puppies, his mom is taking the mother, and his two brothers are taking the other two puppies. :)


I hope along w/saving the pups, they are spaying and neutering the parents. That is the MOST important!!!!


A little to late,HOPE things turn around,I did not watch Olympics,and never will again,and I am not alone murder,but we are happier in heaven,that was discusting,had you wanted to this a stand you could have while it was happening,whole thing just makes me sick


Shouldn't we clean up our own backyard first? I mean we have lots of stray here and mistreated animals which are also put down. Hello????


So many dogs in west virginia being put in boxes and gassed to death. so many barbaric people in this world.