ASPCA Pet of the Week: Hal

Thursday, May 1, 2014 - 4:30pm

Hal is a four-year-old cat who was found on the street, abandoned in a box. He suffered severe dental problems that caused him extreme pain. At the ASPCA Animal Hospital, Hal had several teeth extracted and all of his fur shaved.

It was a long road to recovery, and it took Hal some time to heal and warm up to his human companions at the ASPCA Adoption Center. Today, Hal is a social and affectionate cat who loves attention. He might feel a bit nervous in his new surroundings, but if you approach him slowly, he’ll soon come out of his shell and will be ready for plenty of lap time.

Hal would do best in an adults-only home with an experienced cat adopter. He doesn’t like to be around dogs, but with the proper introductions, he could cohabitate with a friendly cat.

Hal is available for adoption at the ASPCA Adoption Center. If you are interested in adopting please call our Adoptions department in New York City at (212) 876-7700 ext. 4120. To learn more about Hal, please visit his page.

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Linda R

Good luck Hal, you are a handsome boy. Some lucky family will choose you and your life will be very special as will your new family.

Judy O.

Dear Hal:
Wishing you a loving and caring "forever home" for you lifetime dearest Hal and you are just too precious and handsome too!

J. Brasil

I'm writing on this page, out of desperation hoping the right person will read this and could provide the help that I'm so in need of, my name is Jose and I am pit bull owner, I love all dogs but I have always preferred pit bulls over other breed because of that breeds gentle nature, I have been owning pit bull for over 20 years all my children have grown up around pits, and I have never had any incidents with the dogs attacking people outside or family, I recently moved to Battle Mountain, a small town in Nevada, the house that I am renting had a real bad fence, renters prior to me really left it in very bad conditions, I moved here with my girlfriend, our 3 year old daughter, and our 3 dogs, a male blue nose/ brindle pit bull, a female rottweiler mixed with who knows what, and a female pup from a litter our pit and the rott mix had months back, pretty much as soon as we moved here our dogs kept escaping, and we two sheriff's showed up at our house when I was at work and told my girlfriend several times that he would shoot our pit bull of it got out again, my girlfriend tried to tell the cop that our dogs are not aggressive but he would not listen, in weeks to come we both were given citations, we went to court and I did everything I could to fix our fence, this past monday April 28 we went out of town shopping, we felt comfortable leaving the dogs loose because we were sure we repaired ever spot that they use to get out from and it already had been a while since the last time they did, when we got back from shopping I went to open our gate, I noticed cops at out neighbors house and noticed that my pit bull was the only dog there, I pulled my truck in and headed to walk out to see a cop putting my girlfriend in handcuffs, she informed me that they had killed our pit bull mix pup, I went back towards our house to put our daughter and pit bull inside, and as soon as I went back inside, I was put in handcuffs too, I asked why were we being arrested, & one cop said because shots were fired and we both were the owners of the dog, that didn't make sense to me but I didn't argue, I asked if they would just arrest me so that my girlfriend could stay with our daughter, they said no, I asked if I could call a friend they said no, they asked me if I had family here but I'm not from here so I don't, my girlfriend provided them with phone numbers to family members she has in the next town for them to call since they would not allow us to, but they didn't, the sent my daughter to child protection, and told us we could get her when we got out, during this whole ordeal we were told that our dog was attacking kids at the park across the street from our home and that she rushed the cop at his arrival, so he had to shoot her,he said that he kicked her off and shot her once and then she launched at him and he shot her again while she was in the air, it didn't sound like the submissive dog that was born in our house months back but I didn't argue I just said it didn't sound like her, next day we were bailed out, and when we got home neighbors just started to come by and said that our dog was not being aggressive and she did not attack the. Cop like he had said, they say that he had his shotgun with him as soon as he got there, he called our dog and she went to him she stopped a few feet before reaching him and he just shot her for no reason in a park that had several children playing there, also next door neighbor told us that the cop went to our house and pointed his gun at our pit bull that was still in our yard, but thanks to her confronting the cop he did not kill him too, then they went pepper sprayed a 2 month old pup the we have and I forgot to mention earlier and took him to the pound, all this news was overwhelming so we headed to our house and called the place where our daughter was sent to go pick her up, and we were not allowed, they said that because we both were arrested that they think our house might be dangerous for her, and they have to investigate us, we are not allowed to visit with her either unless it's supervised, I feel that we have been targeted, there is no incident report on any of my dogs, our dog was shot multiple times because of her breed, and us for being pit bull owners we went to jail, and our daughter got taken away, I haven't broken any laws my dogs haven't hurt anybody, and our child was taken away, I hope someone that could help reads this, we are in bad need of real justice.... for further insight on this story, go to Facebook and look up lander county concerned citizens, and you will read the testimony of several witnesses to my dogs murder


I am so sorry to hear what happened to your family. My daughter and I are also Anerican Bull Terrier owners. I reside in New York with two dogs and my daughter lives in Germany with three. I have had a few issues with neighbors who just dont like "pitbulls" I even had a neighbor call the police on me. Nonetheless, I am grateful that the cops who came to my house were understanding and spoke to me respectfully. I wish I could offer you more than just words. It is so so sad to hear that the cop shot your after calling her. This breed is so discriminated against that it breaks my heart. Are you planning on obtaining leagal assistance. If so I would be more than happy to offer a donation. Laws need to be changed pertaining to this breed. It should be mandatory that cops are escorted by an ASPCA officer when going to homes with dogs. Citronella spray could also be used if dogs do become aggressive. No once cares, so many believe, especially law enforcement, it is just easier to shoot and kill them, then provide an easier solution. Again, I am so sorry to have read what happened to family, but people like us and the million other American Bull Terrier owners have to fight and march and try to change the laws little by little. I am not on Facebook, but I will join in order to read the full story, and offer any assistance I can. God Bless.

L. Adams

This police officer's behavior is troubling. Possibly sociopathic. He probably broke a bunch of police rules with what he did, and certainly you don't want that type of person around dogs or children, or ordinary citizens or ANYONE. You did break some of laws by not keeping your dogs inside, but that does not warrant such violence against your poor dogs and you. Sad. You ought to demand an investigation into this particular policeman. There is another battle over pit bull owners' rights, but for now, you should be sure that this particular policeman is investigated. Do you agree? Where is this?


Hal, you are so beautiful. I hope that the perfect family comes along very soon to scoop you up and take you the most loving home in the world You deserve it, sweetheart.

dayle gallagher

if you could please check out my blog for some tips on how to train your cat on a leash i would appreciate it thanks.