ASPCA Happy Tails: Foster Kitten Becomes a Forever Pet

Wednesday, January 29, 2014 - 2:30pm
Tiny orange kitten

At the ASPCA, we have nothing but love for the members of our Foster Care Program. These generous, kind-hearted people open their homes to young, sick, or small animals that are not yet ready for permanent placement, and give them love and comfort until they’re ready to move on. So when we heard about Leia, a tiny kitten who won the heart of her foster mom, we had a feeling she was something special. We tracked down Emily H. to find out just how Leia went from temporary resident to full-time family member. Here is their very Happy Tail.

“When I first met Leia, she was so tiny,” recalls Emily. “She was smaller than her littermates, Han Solo and Padme, and she wouldn’t eat.” An expert foster mom, Emily syringe-fed Leia baby food for a week to help her gain some weight and find her appetite. The Force must have been strong back then, as the intimate feeding experience bonded the two in a way that Emily could not deny. “When the other foster kitties went back to the shelter to find their forever homes, I already knew that Leia’s forever home was with us.”

In the year since her adoption, Leia has grown into a perfect pet. Thanks to Emily’s persistence, the teeny kitten mastered the art of eating—in fact, Emily is thinking it might be time to cut back! She is so curious and playful that it’s almost easy to forget how timid and small she once was.

A true testament to the power of fostering, Emily left us with an encouraging message. “Shelters are full of beautiful cats with incredible personalities, and I cannot recommend the foster program enough. Your new best friend might be waiting for you right now at the ASPCA!”

For more information on Fostering, please visit the ASPCA Foster Program Page. To submit your own Happy Tail, email [email protected] and we might feature it on the blog!

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Thanks Emily - it is so nice to hear of others with the same approach to life!


Thank you Emily for adding another beautiful happy kitty to your heart and giving her what every blessed feline soul deserves; a warm and loving home full of joy.

Miss E

This SO reminds me of my cat, Alexa, I adopted, who allegedly ws so small cuz she was the runt of the litter. Turns out, she had all sorts of bowel & digestive problems. She too had no hair on her tail. My Dad even said, "that's a dead cat". Well, she outlived him to a total of 18 years, but finally became too weak & could not absorb liquids & food (even though she ate feverishly!). Ya just gotta have faith & these creatures DO survive beyond the odds!

Lynne Jones

This story made my day. What a beautiful kitty Leia has become. And, God Bless you, Emily, for making this kitten the beautiful cat you now enjoy as your companion. I firmly believe that there is nothing worse than a human being, who does harm to an amimal, who only wants to have a loving home and family. THis goes for cats, dogs, and horses. I have saved seven horses from the horrible ending that could have happened, two of which I had to put down to end their suffering, one from laminitus and one having a horrible breathing problem who couldn't get air. I hated to do it, but I couldn't let them suffer. I cry for them today but I know they are now with God, running and having the time of their life in good health and happiness. I only wish all these animals that end up without a home could find one and never end up in a shelter or on a slaughter truck. When will humans come to their senses, and why do we let killer buyers get these beautiful horses to send to Canada or Mexico. And, why do we let any shelter euthanize these loving animals when all they want is a good home. We must end all these bad things happening to animals. And, I believe, as humans, if we band together, we can do it. Save these animals and go after all these bad humans.


I am so happy for leia and for good people like emily.I love kittens and adult cats also.I wish I have a house so I can bring home many of them.I always prey for my furry friends so they can be adopt and have a lovely home and be happy and live for ever after.Thank you,emily.


God bless you both. :-)

Goddess Of The ...

Reading articles like this make my heart smile.


Our last 3 cats were fostered for our local Humane Society & have turned out to be some of the best pets. They were well socialized to both humans & other cats. I can't say enough positives to those who do this work for our furry family members.

Carol Moragas

God bless you for all you do for the kitties. And, I'm positive that Leia thinks so too!!!<3


Ah, at last one of the positive happy stories. We hear so much about the bad things, it is good to hear a good story. We must keep fighting for Gods animals, didn't He after all put us here to take care of them? We need to make sure that those who hurt animals have stiff penalties and can no longer hurt another living creature of any kind. Thank you for sharing your story!