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Too often, dogs in shelters end up on euthanasia lists simply due to lack of shelter space when, many times, a high proportion of these animals would be quickly adopted in other parts of the country.

Relocation programs can be the key to ending the needless euthanasia of adoptable animals because of shelter overcrowding.


Using the theories of supply and demand, the ASPCA Animal Relocation program saves lives and gives shelter pets the best chance of finding safe and loving homes by transporting them from areas of oversupply—where the likelihood of adoption is slim—to locations where there are few, if any, similar animals in shelters and the chances of adoption are greater.

Since 2011, the ASPCA Animal Relocation program has helped relocate animals in over 34 states across the country. In 2014, we launched a southern California based relocation program as part of our multi-faceted efforts to help at-risk animals in the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

Additional ASPCA efforts to move animals as a means of saving lives include:

The Nancy Silverman Rescue Ride Program
Launched in January 2015, the ASPCA’s Nancy Silverman Rescue Ride (NSRR) initiative is aimed at relocating dogs from overcrowded shelters in the Southeast, where the risk of euthanasia can be high, to locations in the Northeast where they will have a better chance at being adopted. The NSRR program has already made 50 trips to source shelters and has helped save the lives of hundreds of dogs since its introduction.

Saving Lives with Relocation Grants
The ASPCA provides grants to help nonprofit organizations and public agencies dedicated to the safe, humane and efficient relocation of animals to help increase the number of lives saved and improve the outcomes for at-risk animals.