Statement of Support for Proposed Rule on Organic Animal Welfare

As farmers raising animals, we believe that high animal welfare is one of the benchmarks of organic production. The USDA Organic label should require high standards of animal welfare that honor animals’ needs and natures. These include adequate indoor and outdoor space, meaningful outdoor access, and the ability to engage in natural behaviors.

On our own farms, we raise animals according to these standards. This helps our animals and our businesses thrive, thanks to strong consumer demand for higher welfare animal products.

We support USDA’s efforts to strengthen the organic animal welfare standards to bring them in line with the true meaning of organic and the tradition of responsible farming. Strong organic regulations promote the integrity of the organic label and support responsible farmers who provide the high welfare consumers expect.

Adam Harris, Blue Heron Farm, VT
Amanda Munsie, Bountiful Basket Farm, MA
Ana Skemp, Deep Roots Community Farm, WI
Anthony Koch, Koch Ranches, TX
Augustus Liszka, Naked Acres Farm, OR
Barbara Flack, Flack Family Farm, VT
Betsy Babcock, Handsome Brook Farm, NY
Bill Nunes, Contented Acres Produce, CA
Brie Casadie, Terra Firma, CT
Catherine Sikkes, Windy Corner, VT
Catherine Stone, Beanie Farm, FL
Chad Backes, Ducks in a Row Family Farm, WI
Christine Borque, Blue Heron Farm, VT
David Brown, Favored Farms, VA
Diana Kalscheur Murphy, Dreamfarm, LLC, WI
Donna Ratner, Cedar Hills Farm, MA
Doug Flack, Flack Family Farm, VT
Egg Innovations, Warsaw, IN
Ella Barlow, Jack Donkey Farm, LLC, VA
Glenn Uffelmann, Missing Ewe Farm, NE
Greg Bingham, Few of Ewe Farm, MA
Guy Ashmore, That Guys Family Farm, OH
Heidi Potter, Summer Solstice Farms, MI
Ismael Moran, Moran Land and Cattle Company, TX
Jan Nirri, Braeburn Farm, SC
Janet Kenyan, Old Magnolia Farm, TX
Jennifer Kirkham, Moonshine Ridge, CA
Jim Schultz, Red Shirt Farm, MA
Joan Walker, Walker Farm, MA
Julia Pakradoon, Wellscroft Farm, NH
Kelly Carpenter, Promised Land, VT
Kimberly Stuhr, Thody-Stuhr, NE
Larry Bailey, Clean Food Farm, OR
Larry Pletcher, Vegetable Ranch, NH
Luke DeCiccio, Abundance Farm, MA
Marian Matthews, Red House Farm, CT
Melanie Kessler, Willowell Farm, VT
Michael Glos, Kingbird Farm, NY
Michelle Grosek, Bear Butte Gardens, SD
Molly Nakahara, Dinner Bell Farm, CA
Nancy Walters, White Fox of Freestone, CA
National Black Farmers Association
Nick Batchelder, Midnight Sun Farm, IL
Pamela Smith, Forman Farm, MA
Pat Cogan, Cog & A Wheel Farm, VT
Pat Hearn, Hearn Family Farm, MA
Paul Glowaski, Dinner Bell Farm, CA
Randy Robar, Kiss the Cow Farm, VT
Sabrina Harbison, Harbison Farm, CA
Samantha Enright, Black Rabbit Farm, WI
Shannon Ratcliff, Shannon Brook Farm, NY
Shelly McMahon, Shelly’s Farm, CA
Sherry Rogers, Tiverton, PA
Southeastern Sustainable Livestock Coalition
Stephen Leinbach, Cream of the Crop Farm, MA
Susan Catt, Casa Di Catalano, CO
Tiffany Tripp, Graise Farm, MN
Timothy Boyle, Rose Hill Farm, NY
Tom Truelove, Truelove Farms, CT
Tracy Ratliff, David Ratliff Farm & Greenhouse, KY
Virginia Holmes, Frantil Fibers, VT
Walter Adam, Shannon Brook Farm, NY