Big news: We’ve declared May Adopt a Horse Month! Adoptable horses and those who care for them are putting their best hoof forward in hopes of making adoption a more common, popular way of acquiring a horse … or donkey, pony or mule! 

Join us in making a lifesaving difference this #AdoptAHorse month by celebrating and supporting equine adoption.

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Stories to Stirrup Your Interest

The ASPCA Horse Adoption Express Has Left the Station
We’re implementing the learnings from adoptable-animal transport programs in a new way: To benefit horses through our groundbreaking Horse Adoption Express.

Country Music Legend Tanya Tucker Supports Horse Adoption
In honor of Adopt a Horse Month, country music legend Tanya Tucker shares how horses have impacted her life and why adoption is a great option.

Happy Tail: Rachel and Willow
After losing her heart horse, Rachel wasn’t sure if she’d ever own a horse again. That is, until she learned about equine adoption and met a young horse named Willow.

Adoptable Spotlight: Velma
Velma is a beautiful, older Appaloosa mare who is looking to hit the trails! She has great manners on the ground and enjoys spending time with her people and being groomed.

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