Lynx Point
3 years

Meet Zoe! This beautiful girl can be very shy at first but once she is comfortable Zoe is very sweet and loving. After she has had time to adjust to her new environment, Zoe enjoys being held and getting lots of pets from her friends. Zoe likes to explore and can be independent. She uses her scratching post well, and loves to play with feather wand toys, toy mice, balls, and any other toys she can bat around! She can be very energetic and playful, especially at night.

This gal will make a wonderful companion for a patient and understanding adopter! Zoe has had positive experiences with adults but has not been around children while in foster. She is looking for a quiet home and would do well with other cats as long as they were introduced slowly. Zoe likes attention from her foster family's adult cat and always wants to play with her! Having another cat buddy may help Zoe continue to come out of her shell.

Zoe is currently in a foster home. If you are interested in adopting this sweet lady, please complete our online adoption survey.


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