7 months

Meet Wink! Wink is the most lovable kitten you’ll ever meet—he will steal your heart! Wink loves to be held and petted. He will be your most faithful companion and bring lots of fun to your life. Wink might be a little shy in a new environment or when an unfamiliar person comes around, but he warms up quickly. 

Wink had to have one of his eyes removed due to an infection but that doesn't slow him down one bit. He is very adventurous, playful and full of love.

Wink has a lot of kitten energy and will turn anything into a toy—every bouncy, stringy, swinging thing! He especially loves feather wands and goes into super play mode any time the wand comes out. This cat really loves to play. 

Wink gets along great with other cats. He absolutely adores his foster family's five-year-old cat—he follows him around and always wants his attention. 

Wink would love to be adopted with his kitten buddy, Ink. They were paired together in a foster home and they are now attached at the hip. Ink and Wink love to sleep curled up next to each other and take turns eating. They follow each other from room to room and are always close by each other. 

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