Black and White
3 years

Meet Punchy! Punchy is a sweet, loving kitten who has a lot of energy. He loves to play and will entertain you with his funny personality. Once he tires out from a long day of playing, he loves to cuddle and show his people affection.

Punchy is very playful and loves all types of toys, but his favorite is his wand toy. He will do flips while playing with it and growls at it when he catches it—which is as cute as it sounds! He also loves to wrestle with his foster kitten buddy and play chase with his foster family's adult cat.

Punchy has been outgoing and friendly with everyone he’s met so far. He has not yet had an opportunity to meet children, but he would probably do well with them as well. 

Punchy gets along great with his foster family's adult cat and other foster kitten. He has been introduced to dogs from a distance and observed them calmly. He is an easygoing kitten and could probably get along well with dogs with a proper introduction. Punchy has a lot of kitten energy and really enjoys the company of another animals—he would love to be adopted into a home with another young, friendly cat.

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