4 months

Meet Ninja! Ninja is friendly, playful and loves to snuggle. He is a handsome boy with a beautiful sleek coat and unique short tail. Ninja is the perfect companion kitty—he just wants to be wherever you are!

Ninja is initially shy and cautious around new people, but once he has assessed the situation and is comfortable, he's very sweet and affectionate. He likes head scratches and petting and will purr with gratitude. He'll nap in your lap and sleep quietly next to you in bed without any disturbance; sometimes burrowing completely under the covers. 

Ninja likes to climb on cat trees and explore around his home. He loves playing with wand toys, fuzzy balls, ball towers, mice, pipe cleaners or any toys he can chase, catch and wrestle with. He also uses his scratching post well and enjoys being brushed. 

Ninja gets along great with other cats and would do well in a home with another cat as long as they were introduced slowly. Ninja would also do well as the only pet in the home, as long as his humans have time to spend with him. He would not do well left alone for long periods of time as he thrives on companionship and connection. 

Ninja is all around a great kitten and is ready for his new home! If you think that new home could be yours, please complete our online adoption survey

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