Black and white
8 months

Meet Kuro! Kuro is a very loving, energetic and happy cat. He is very friendly and social, and always the first one to come to the door to greet you when you get home. 
Kuro is affectionate with his people, and once he gets to know you, he is the biggest purrer and attention seeker! He will come cuddle with you while you are lying in bed and give you kisses on your cheeks.  
Kuro loves chasing laser pointers and any toys that make noises. He also loves treats and enjoys being brushed and held. He likes to watch the birds outside while he's perched by a window and seems curious about the outdoors. Kuro may be a good candidate to try to walk on a leash, and our Adoption Team would be happy to share tips on harness training. 
Kuro spends most of his day playing by himself or with his foster family's other cats. He absolutely LOVES other cats and even connected with one of his foster family's cats. They play, groom and sleep together all the time. Because Kuro has a lot of playful energy and is very social, he would do best in a home with another friendly, young cat to keep him company. 
If you think you’ve found your kitty’s new BFF in Kuro, please complete our online adoption survey.

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