Chocolate point
9 months

Meet Cruella! Cruella would do best with a patient and understanding adopter who can let her adjust to her new environment on her own terms. New people and experiences make her nervous, but once she gets to know you, she is very loving! Cruella loves to sit in her foster's lap and head bump their face to give lots of kisses. She will seek you out for lots of pets once she is comfortable. 

Cruella LOVES other cats! She is naturally a little shy but when Cruella is around her foster family's cats, they bring out her playful and sweet side. Cruella feels more secure and comfortable around other cats and would love to be adopted into a home with a friendly and playful cat buddy to keep her company. 

Cruella loves playing with toys, especially wand toys that are dangly, or balls and flopping fish toys. Playing brings out her crazy kitten side! She also loves treats. 

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