2 years
60 lb.

Meet our trusty Tugboat! He is a fun-loving, energetic dog who will charm you with his goofy personality and his love of playing with other dogs. Tugboat is looking for someone who he can continue his training with, and who will offer him the love he so deserves!

Big fan of: Playtime! Tugboat is all about playing, whether that’s with other dogs or humans. He loves walks and exploring new environments, so he would likely make a great companion on outdoor adventures, such as hiking or running. Tugboat also has a great love for treats. If you offer him a piece of cheese, he’ll keep coming back for more! Thanks to him being so treat motivated, that also helps make training a whole lot easier – and fun, too! He is improving at responding to cues like “let’s go,” and “come here,” and he’d love to keep practicing with you. He has also come to enjoy resting in his crate, and he knows how to hop into a car when it’s time for a ride!

Working on: His comfort with handling. With familiar people, Tugboat has learned to enjoy scratches under his collar and will lean into neck rubs. With new people, he is nervous of them handling him, so it’s best to take things slow and offer lots of treats as a reward. Though it may take him time to warm up for pets, he won’t hesitate to approach you for a treat, or to hang out near you while you’re working or watching TV. He’s a social boy at heart!

Dream home: One with a family who understands that going to a new home can be scary, so Tugboat may need some time to open up. This sweet pup is definitely worth the wait! His ideal adopter would be dedicated to putting in the time and effort to continue working on his training, and making sure he gets enough physical activity, too.

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Please note: Our meet-and-greets take place in Weaverville, North Carolina.

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