Launched in 2007, the ASPCA Partnership is a focused effort to create a country of humane communities, where animals receive the compassion and respect they deserve, and where there is no more euthanasia of homeless animals simply because of a lack of resources. ASPCA partner communities are cities or regions whose major animal sheltering agencies have applied and been accepted to work with ASPCA experts to save animals most at risk in their neighborhoods.




Graduated Partners

Austin, TX 
The Austin, Texas ASPCA Partner Community is made up of Town Lake Animal Center, Austin Humane Society, Animal Trustees of Austin and Emancipet. Austin has been a Partnership Community since 2012.

Buncombe County, NC 
The Buncome County, North Carolina Partner Community is made up of Asheville Humane Society and the Humane Alliance. These agencies are hard at work to increase adoptions, reduce intake and dramatically expand spay/neuter resources in their region.

Charleston, SC 
In April 2008, Charleston County, SC, became the sixth community to join the ASPCA Partnership. In Charleston, animal welfare organizations have a strong history of working together to address animal overpopulation and pet care through collaborative disaster response efforts, low-cost spay/neuter initiatives, adoption campaigns and cruelty prevention and law enforcement.

Cleveland, OH 
The Cleveland, Ohio Partner Community is made up of the Cleveland Animal Protective League and the Cleveland Division of Animal Control Services. Cleveland joined the ASPCA Partnership in 2008 to implement life-saving initiatives for the animals in its community.

Oklahoma City, OK
The Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Partner Community is made up of Oklahoma City Animal Welfare Division and Central Oklahoma Humane Society. Oklahoma City joined the Partnership in 2009, and has successfully become a more humane community for animals.

Sacramento, CA
Since joining the ASPCA Partnership in 2009, Sacramento’s animal welfare partners—the City of Sacramento Animal Care Services, Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary, Sacramento County Animal Care and Regulation, and the Sacramento SPCA—have made it a top priority to increase their spay/neuter resources and find homes for thousands of needy animals.

Shelby County, AL 
The Shelby County, Alabama Partner Community is made up of Shelby County Animal Control and the Shelby Humane Society. Since becoming an ASPCA partner community in 2009, these agencies have worked together on interstate transport and low-cost spay/neuter.

Spokane, WA 
The Spokane, Washington Partner Community is made up of SCRAPS, SpokAnimal, Spokane Humane Society and Pet Savers Low-Cost Spay and Neuter Clinic. The animal welfare community in Spokane has made noticeable progress as an ASPCA partner community.

Tampa, FL 
The Tampa, Florida Partner Community is made up of Hillsborough County Animal Services, Humane Society of Tampa Bay and More Homeless Pets of Hillsborough County. Tampa made great strides for animals during its time as an ASPCA partner community.