ASPCA Special Edition Calendar

Joey and Mervin

OCTOBER 2016 | Joey & Mervin

Adoption Center since 2013

“I adopted Mervin on February 19, 2014, which was my two-month anniversary at the ASPCA,” Joey recalls. Mervin was about five years old at the time and had been found as a stray in East Harlem, New York. The tiny pup had already spent three months at the ASPCA because he needed surgery on his hips and back legs, and also needed to have all of his teeth removed due to severe dental disease. Joey took him home as a foster, but he and his boyfriend quickly fell in love with Mervin and became “foster failures.”

Mervin is now part of Joey’s pack of rescues, which includes a Pomeranian, a Boston Terrier, a Border Collie mix and a cat. “Mervin is the smallest member of our family at four pounds, but he has a lot of personality,” Joey laughs. Without any teeth, Mervin’s tongue always hangs out—which also contributed to his celebrity status on Instagram.