ASPCA Special Edition Calendar

Elizabeth and Snarf

NOVEMBER 2016 | Elizabeth & Snarf

Legal Advocacy since 2013

Elizabeth adopted Snarf from a local shelter in August 2011. This pretty kitty had been wandering the streets and was in very bad shape; she also cowered in the back of her cage and swatted and hissed at anything that came near her. “When I spotted her, I knew she would be difficult, but I just didn’t want to leave her there,” Elizabeth says.

After her adoption, Snarf spent nearly two weeks hiding under Elizabeth’s bed until she worked up the courage to come out. Although it was a long process, Snarf eventually did learn to trust people. “Now, she greets me at the door every evening and sleeps right next to my pillow (if not on it) each night,” Elizabeth says proudly. “Although I may have saved her, she has added more to my life than I ever could have imagined.”