ASPCA Special Edition Calendar

Molly and Minx

MARCH 2016 | Molly & Minx

Field Investigations and Response since 2012

In January 2013, Molly and her boyfriend decided that fostering a cat would be a great way to see if their current cat, Chauncey, would enjoy having a housemate. They filled out the foster application at their local shelter and patiently waited for a match to be made. One Saturday morning, they received a call that there was a match—and that the foster cat would be delivered within the hour!

Minx (formerly Daisy) was just about a year old at the time the couple began fostering her. She was very shy and fearful, but Molly says, “We quickly found out that she loved to play and through play—and following Chauncey’s lead—she started to break out of her shell.” In August 2014, they became “foster failures” by making Minx an official part of the family. “We couldn’t imagine her living in any other household,” Molly says.

These days, Minx spends her time playing with Chauncey, watching birds out the window, carrying her favorite toy around the apartment and providing everyone with free entertainment. “Turns out maybe ‘foster failure’ isn’t a failure at all,” adds Molly.