ASPCA Special Edition Calendar

Divine-Asia and Munchkin

JUNE 2016 | Divine-Asia & Munchkin

Spay/Neuter Operations since 2013

“When I met Munchkin at the ASPCA Spay/Neuter Clinic in Queens, New York, he was an itty-bitty thing with a sad story,” Divine-Asia recalls. She agreed to foster him until he was ready to made available for adoption, but the tiny cat tried her patience with his antics—using toilet paper as a scratching post, running around like crazy and jumping on Divine-Asia’s other cat, just to name a few. But for all his “crazy,” Divine-Asia could tell that Munchkin had a sweet disposition.

One morning, the kitty looked sick and Divine-Asia wanted to stay home from work to care for him. That’s when she knew it was love. “When he was ready to go back to the ASPCA, I wasn’t ready to let him go,” she says, and in December 2013, she made his adoption official and named him the Mighty Munchkin.