ASPCA Special Edition Calendar

Valerie and Trooper

 JULY 2016 | Valerie & Trooper

Community Outreach since 2007

Trooper’s family relinquished him in late 2008 when they couldn’t afford to care for him in addition to their new baby. In April 2009, Valerie adopted him from a local foster group.

That first day, Trooper and Angus, Valerie’s senior Border Collie, became instant buddies. “Angus taught Trooper how to use our doggy door by taunting Trooper to go through the door to join him in another game,” Valerie recalls. As the years went by, Trooper helped keep Angus young with constant play, until Angus passed away at an old age.

Trooper was lonely after Angus’ death, so Valerie adopted another dog named Globbers. “The student has become the master,” she laughs. “Now it’s Trooper’s turn to show Globbers how to use the doggy door, how to catch a Frisbee and how to get his teeth brushed.”

When he’s not busy with Globbers, Trooper loves long walks, licking everyone and being a “foot warmer.” He especially enjoys attention from his 11-year-old human brother.