ASPCA Special Edition Calendar

Moira and Wayne

JANUARY 2016 | Moira & Wayne

Animal-Assisted Therapy Programs since 2010

Moira first met Wayne while working as an ASPCA Animal Care Technician in the summer of 2010. That September, after moving into a pet-friendly apartment, she brought her roommate to meet this bright orange cat the day he became available for adoption. “As soon as I sat down, he ran across the room and jumped into my lap,” she recalls. “It was clear: he was coming home with me.”

Wayne, who loves to meet new people and receive belly rubs, inspired Moira to join a volunteer therapy animal program. The two of them became a registered therapy team in the spring of 2012, and they visit an extended care facility in Queens, New York, every other Tuesday. What’s more, Moira says that Wayne inspired her to pursue a master’s degree in Anthrozoology so she can “help others interested in participating in this wonderful work.”