ASPCA Special Edition Calendar

Erica and Princess

DECEMBER 2016 | Erica & Princess

ASPCA Animal Hospital since 2009

Erica first met Princess in February 2010, when she was working as an ICU Technician at the ASPCA Animal Hospital. Princess was rescued from cruelty and she arrived at the hospital weak, emaciated and facing a long road to recovery. Erica was by her side during two major surgeries and hours of nursing care, and the pair established a deep bond.

When the time came from Princess to go into foster care, Erica says, “There was no question that she would be coming home with me.”  She began fostering Princess in May, and by October she had become a permanent member of the family. In her new home, Princess transformed from a sad but loving dog to a confident, silly girl with a new full name: Princess Marble Pound Cake. Erica says, “I love my Princess more than I ever thought I could, and not a day goes by I don’t say ‘thank you’ for my favorite cuddle buddy!”