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Matt and Dharma

COVER 2016 | Matt & Dharma

Anti-Cruelty Group Operations since 2014

Dharma was found on a roadside in Long Island with a prolapsed uterus, having just given birth. Her puppies were not there. Her ears were clipped and her tongue was ripped. She was two or three years old. A local vet nursed her back to health, but the clinic owners were eager to find her a home.

Meanwhile, Matt was spending time with friends one day in March 2005, when someone mentioned an email blast about Dharma. They all looked at Matt, who now recalls, “It was one of those moments where I made my decision almost before the words had registered.”

Matt adopted Dharma and soon discovered that she is “quirky, flirtatious, opinionated, expressive and above all, sweet.” Now the inseparable duo goes on hikes, climbs mountains or just enjoys spending time together at the office. “We’ve been side-by-side through illness, injury and grief,” Matt says. “Her companionship, loyalty and friendship are everything to me.”