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Bernice, Marty and Lucia

AUGUST 2016 | Bernice, Marty & Lucia

Bernice, Cruelty Intervention Advocacy since 2014

Bernice first met Lucia in November 2007. She was the runt of her litter, and Bernice was instantly in love. “I named her Lucia because it means ‘light’ in Italian,” she says, “and ever since I met her she has served as the light of my life!”  In the seven years they’ve been together, Bernice says that the sweet Beagle has taught her the true value of compassion, friendship and loyalty.

Lucia also inspired Bernice to adopt a second Beagle, Marty, in October 2008. Named after Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Marty was found as a stray and had been adopted and returned to the local shelter two times for demonstrating signs of aggression. In the years since, “he has come a long way with his behavioral challenges,” Bernice says. “Marty is a perfect example of the beautiful, sweet and loving dogs with unlimited potential that can end up in our shelter system .”