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Margaret and Hooch

Margaret & Hooch

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Hooch was just three months old when he was found roaming the streets of Chicago, IL, skinny and scared. The shelter staff didn’t think he had a good chance of being adopted, so on Christmas Eve 2007, Margaret agreed to foster him.

At the time, Margaret was still a college student. She began taking Hooch everywhere with her—including school—and he soon became the mascot for her horseback riding team. Not long after that, Margaret made him a permanent member of her family.

“Hooch helped me get through my first four years of college, and is now helping me through vet school,” she says. He even allowed Margaret to poke and prod him while she learned about canine muscles and bones. “Hooch has helped me raise many other fosters—both dogs and cats—and is truly a staple in my life,” says Margaret. “I would be lost without my ‘Funny Face.’”

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