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Jill and Lacey

MAY 2015
Jill & Lacey

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Jill was working for a shelter in Phoenix, AZ, when Lacey was brought in by the emergency animal medical team. One-year-old Lacey had been found as a stray, running through the streets of Phoenix with a deep laceration on her leg. After an introduction with her other dog, Cagney, Jill decided to bring Lacey home as a foster while she healed—but once Lacey was in her life and home, she couldn’t resist adopting her. Lacey officially joined Jill’s family in July 2007.

Jill says, “Lacey is particularly special to me because she taught Cagney ‘dog language’ and how to play.” She credits Lacey’s sweet spirit with bringing Cagney out of her shell. “We truly believe that without Lacey, Cagney would have never known the joy of playing with other dogs or would have lived the long, loving life that she did.”

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