ASPCA Special Edition Calendar

Mahi and Amber

JUNE 2015
Mahi & Amber

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Shortly after Mahi began working at the ASPCA, a former employee brought a six-month-old foster kitten named Amber into the office. Many staffers flocked to meet the kitten, but little Amber took a particular liking to Mahi. It only took a few belly rubs and hand nuzzles before Mahi fell in love with Amber, too.

“I had just moved back in with my parents, and I didn’t think they’d ever agree to adopt an animal,” Mahi recalls. But after much discussion (and a little begging), they agreed to meet Amber at the ASPCA Adoption Center that weekend. Although Mahi’s parents were hesitant at first, Amber’s sweet and friendly personality soon won them over. After adoption, it only took a few short weeks before Mahi’s mother fell in love with Amber, too. Mahi says, “She is so fun and brings me such joy. I consider myself lucky to have Amber in my life.”

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