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Jocelyn and Felly

Jocelyn & Felly

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Spay/Neuter Operations since 2011

After Jocelyn’s dog Moka passed away, she wanted to fill the empty space with another wonderful animal in need of a home. In October 2012, she came across a “Free to Good Home” posting for a five-year-old Doberman in Brooklyn, NY named Felony. When she inquired, she learned that Felony was a sweet girl who had been with the same family since she was a puppy, but that the family had a new baby and could no longer care for the dog. She made arrangements to meet Felony the following afternoon.

Arriving at the meeting, Jocelyn was surprised to find the owner in tears. She had Felony on a leash and had placed all of her belongings into a bag, including treats and a toothbrush. It had never even occurred to the owner that Jocelyn might not be taking Felony with her, so she took the leash, led Felony to the car, and drove home. Jocelyn soon shortened her name to Felly, and she says, “We have been best friends ever since.”

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