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Jami and Ozzie

Jami & Ozzie

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Internal Audit since 2008

Ozzie was found in a box after Hurricane Sandy with a sign that said, “Help me, I’m handicapped.” She was six months old with moderate-to-severe cerebellar hypoplasia—a neurological disorder that affects balance. Her foster home had many cats, and although Jami went there to see a different cat, Ozzie spent the entire visit trying hard to be near her. At the time, Ozzie was extremely dirty from constant falls in her litter and from being unable to clean herself, so Jami finally sat the cat on her lap and brushed the filth away.

Jami agreed to take Ozzie in as a foster to see if she could help manage the cat’s needs. But once Ozzie began living in a single-cat home, she transformed. Jami says, “She stopped falling in her litter, began drinking water by herself, and even learned how to groom. My husband and I knew this was the special girl for us.” They finalized Ozzie’s adoption in June 2013.

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