ASPCA Help a Horse Day: Finding Good Homes for Horses

ASPCA Help a Horse Day: Finding Good Homes for Horses

ASPCA Help a Horse Day is celebrated annually on April 26 – a date chosen for its significance to the ASPCA’s long history of horse protection. In 1866, ASPCA founder Henry Bergh stopped a cart driver from beating his horse, resulting in the first successful arrest for horse mistreatment on April 26 of that year. The protection of horses has been a core part of the ASPCA’s life-saving efforts ever since. Each year, we host a national grant competition in honor of Help a Horse Day to elevate the work of equine rescues who help at-risk horses who’ve been abused, neglected or find themselves homeless. This year, we’re celebrating our fifth annual Help a Horse Day with a nationwide, two-month contest aimed at finding good homes for horses.

Why Do Horses Need Our Help?

Thousands upon thousands of horses across the country are at risk of homelessness and poor welfare. Equine rescues and shelters work tirelessly to house and care for many of these horses but they need help to sustain their life-saving programs and find new homes for the horses in their care. When a horse is adopted, it means more horses can be helped by these groups.

The good news is that studies indicate there are many homes available for at-risk horses. ASPCA research suggests there could be at least 2.3 million adults in the U.S. with the resources and desire to adopt a horse in need. Our Help a Horse Day competition will encourage horse rescue and welfare groups to find new homes for horses and commit to helping horses get adopted.

How You Can Get Involved

This year, the Help a Horse Day grant contest starts on April 26, 2018, and focuses on finding good homes for at-risk horses. For more information on how organizations can participate, visit ASPCA Pro for the 2018 contest details.

If you aren’t part of an organization or rescue group, you can still play a vital role. To celebrate Help a Horse Day and help homeless horses and other animals in need, consider making a donation to support the ASPCA and all our life-saving programs. The ASPCA works to ensure horses nationwide have good welfare through safety-net support, advocating for legislation in equine protection, rescuing horses from cruel or neglectful situations, and providing targeted grant funding.

In 2017, more than 20,000 community members came out to support 173 groups across 38 states who participated in Help a Horse Day. Watch our video below to see the highlights.

2017 Help a Horse Day Contest Winners

Drum roll please! Here are the winners of the 2017 #HelpAHorse Day Contest featuring ASPCA President Matt Bershadker and equine advocates Beth Behrs and Huw James Collins! For more information about ASPCA Help a Horse Day, visit

Posted by ASPCA on Wednesday, June 28, 2017