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Third and Fourth Graders Team Up to Write "Hamster Fun Facts" Guide Book for Pet Parents

Here at the ASPCA, we’re always inspired when we see people taking a stand for animal welfare. We’re extra inspired, though, when some of our youngest supporters speak up for animals! Pennsylvania fourth- and third- grade animal enthusiasts Veronica J. and Kamryn V.

It's Election Day! Check Out Ways Your Kids Can Take Action for Animals—Today and All Year Long!

With so many political issues facing our country, it’s more important than ever to make your voice heard at the ballot box today—but Election Day isn’t the only time your family can take action for animals. There are still plenty of ways you and your family can get involved in the legislative process and make a difference for animals all year long. In honor of Election Day, we’ve come up with someone fun and easy ways the little animal lovers in your life can help improve the lives of our furry friends, today and all year long!

Catherine Violet Hubbard Animal Sanctuary to Provide Care for Connecticut’s Animals in Need

Six-year-old Catherine Hubbard had a natural ability to connect with and care for animals. She designed her own business cards and appointed herself head of “Catherine’s Animal Shelter” with the title “Care Taker.” On December 14, 2012, Catherine was among 20 children killed during a shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Last November, we honored Catherine with the ASPCA Tommy P. Monahan Kid of the Year award at our annual Humane Awards Luncheon.

Talking to Your Kids About Pet Store Puppies

“Mom, Why Can’t We Get a Puppy at the Pet Store?”

Talking to kids about pet store puppies and puppy mills is no easy task. The last thing parents want to expose their children to is the harsh reality of painful cages, overcrowded conditions, diseases and emotional abuse. To help children understand why they can’t have “that puppy in the window” of your neighborhood pet store, we’ve put together some kid-friendly talking points for tough questions.

ASPCA Provides Grant for Program to Support Budding Animal Advocates in New York City

We have exciting news for middle school students in New York City! The ASPCA has provided a $12,500 grant to Unleashed—a non-profit group that works to build confidence and purpose in young girls—to launch after-school programs to empower young animal advocates.

Young Animal Enthusiast Takes First Prize for ASPCA Halloween Costume

We were so proud to hear that 9-year-old Abby V. of Los Angeles, California, decided to dress as an ASPCA responder for Halloween, and her outfit took first prize in a costume contest!

Abby’s mom, Christine, shared some photos of her daughter’s award-winning costume, and told us a bit about her commitment to animals.

“Abby came up with the idea on her own. When I asked her why she decided to wear the ASPCA costume, she told me, ‘Mom, we have to be a voice for animals, and this will show people that I love animals very much,’” Christine says.

Q&A With: Melissa Joan Hart

We’ve been in love with Melissa Joan Hart since her days on “Clarissa Explains It All” and “Sabrina the Teenage Witch.” These days, the “Melissa and Joey” actress and author of the forthcoming "Melissa Explains It All: Tales from My Abnormally Normal Life" is all grown up, a mom of three and a serious pet lover. We asked her what life is like around her house.

Tell us about your pets! What do they mean to you and your family?

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