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Meet Your Match

Feline-ality™ 101

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What Is Feline-ality™?

Have we gone nuts? Nope, we’re just getting super-scientific, thanks to Feline-ality, a research-based assessment of a cat’s behavior and interests that matches adopter preferences with an animal’s behavior. And the cool thing is that it works great—shelters testing the ASPCA’s Meet Your Match Program (Feline-ality is a part of Meet Your Match) found a 40- to 45-percent increase in adoptions and a 45- to 50-percent decrease in returns and euthanasia. Amazing stats!

ASPCA®'s Meet Your Match®: Puppy-ality 101

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What Is Puppy-ality™?

Canine-ality™ 101

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What Is Canine-ality™?

Meet the Feline-alities

Meet the Feline-alities

What’s a Feline-ality™? As part of the ASPCA’s Meet Your Match program, shelters assess adoptable cats to predict how they’ll behave in a new environment. Cats are categorized as one of nine “feline-alities,” below. Which kitty sounds like a perfect match for you? 

Meet the Canine-alities

Meet the Canine-alities

A dog’s score from the Canine-ality™ Assessment places the dog in one of three color-coded categories (purple, orange, or green) representing the dog’s level of persistence in pursuing something that he or she wants.

Each color category includes three Canine-ality descriptions that tell adopters how individual dogs are motivated. The evaluator chooses the Canine-ality that best fits the dog based on the animal’s score and on the evaluator’s determination of the dog’s source of motivation internal, external, or social (i.e. human attention) while conducting the assessment.

Adopting a Shelter Dog

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Shelters have lovable dogs and cats of all shapes, sizes and ages. Your chances of finding a wonderful companion who matches your lifestyle and family are excellent! About 25% of shelter dogs are purebred. The rest make up the best selection anywhere of unique, one-of-a-kind mixed breeds, many of whom have already lived with families and have the basic social skills they need to become an enjoyable part of your household.

Why Adopt a Dog from a Shelter?

You Can Help Save Lives

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