A Very Talented Pup: Matilda, the Goofball

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Thursday, May 29, 2014 - 11:45

Guest Blogger Emily Cappo is a writer and blogger at Oh Boy Mom. She is a mom to three boys and one girl dog named Matilda, a sweet and cuddly Labradoodle. Matilda and Emily are also a certified pet therapy team.

Matilda is the 6-year-old furry member of our family who makes us laugh constantly. She is the goofiest one in our household, even though she probably isn’t aware she is being funny.

Every time we take her for a walk, she only wants to walk a certain route. If I try to take a left turn when she wants to go right, she will stubbornly hold her ground and look at me as if I’m crazy to want to go a different way.

Matilda can also sing. Whenever one of my kids plays the piano, Matilda starts with some quick barks, slowly transforming into a prolonged howl. We all crack up. I’m not sure if Matilda’s singing is unique—I’ve seen a video of a dog who sings and plays the piano with his clumsy paws. However, our family considers her to be a gifted pup.

Another one of Matilda’s talents is that she can jump high. She never jumps on people, but if she’s running through our yard, she’ll jump over bushes like she’s running hurdles on a track. We laugh out loud and say she’s got “good vertical,” something my basketball-playing boys strive to achieve on the court.

Matilda seems to bring out the goofiness in all of us. My husband and I pretend to compete to find out who Matilda likes better. I say it’s me, because Matilda follows me everywhere. My husband claims she loves him more, because Matilda literally hugs him. She wraps her long legs around my husband’s waist (or neck, if he’s sitting) and stays that way while he scratches her ears. My brother and I had a similar contest with our Bichon Frise, Barley, when we were kids. We’d put Barley in between us and then we’d tell him to stay, while backing away from him. When we were equidistant apart, we’d both call Barley at the same time and whomever he ran to was the one we claimed he liked best. Although we haven’t subjected Matilda to the same contest, we joke about who she loves more.

Of course, we know that Matilda loves us all equally and we are fortunate to have such a fun and loving pet in our family.

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