A Stocking for Django

Publication Date: 
Wednesday, December 11, 2013 - 17:00

Django (right) getting into the holiday spirit.

Guest blog by Danielle Sullivan of Some Puppy to Love

When I was a child, my sister and I hung up our Christmas stockings on the same wooden doorway in the dining room each year. Once our stockings were up, we’d place our dogs’ stockings right next to them. I continued the tradition with my own kids, so we hang our Mom and Dad stockings next to our daughters’ and son’s stockings, and then we begin the process of hanging the pets’ stockings. If you walk into our living room in December, you’ll see 10 stockings in total and you might think we have an enormous family; two of them are for each of the dogs and three are for each of the cats (shhh, the frog, fish and turtles don’t get their own stockings!)

It’s a little extra effort in a home when Santa comes to all the children and pets. Many a late Christmas Eves have been spent filling stockings with goodies, including toys, rawhides and catnip, but it has all been well worth the effort, partly because many Christmas mornings have been spent speculating what Django and Hayley thought of Santa since they are really the only ones in the house who knew for sure what he looked like in person. And then it’s off to inspect the stockings to see what Santa left behind for Hayley, Django, Baby, Lily and Cloe. The joy on the children’s faces is always a delight. I hope it is a lasting memory that they will keep and share with their own children one day.

Django was the last pet to get her own stocking after we adopted her in November 2010. We excitedly made room on the wall for our new pup as I recalled making a new stocking for each child and furry family member throughout the years.

Our dogs may not talk but they certainly provide comfort and love to all of us. From Hayley’s restorative bond with my daughter to Django’s insistence on lying with me (and sometimes on me) when she senses that I am down in the dumps, our dogs are a definite part of our family. We would be a different family without them. Yes, we’d have less fur and chores, but we’d also have a whole lot less love.

Wishing you and your family (human and furry) a wonderful and warm holiday season!

Danielle Sullivan writes about pets and parenting for Disney’s Babble.com. Find her on her blog, Some Puppy To Love, Twitter or Facebook.