The Dog and the Hare: Matilda and the Backyard Bunny

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Thursday, July 24, 2014 - 12:00

Guest Blogger Emily Cappo is a writer and blogger at Oh Boy Mom. She is a mom to three boys and one girl dog named Matilda, a sweet and cuddly Labradoodle. Matilda and Emily are also a certified pet therapy team.

We recently discovered we have a bunny living in our backyard who seems to be separated from her parents. We could be completely wrong about her solo lifestyle, but we haven’t seen any mama or papa rabbits around.

We were fascinated by watching her tiny body hop around the yard. Soon after her arrival, she discovered my husband’s precious landscaping and now spends much of her day munching on all of our plants. While we’d prefer she find some carrots a la Bugs Bunny, we are compassionate animal lovers and continue to let her feast on our backyard buffet.

This adorable scene continued day after day until Matilda, our exuberant Labradoodle, noticed our little visitor from the nearby window.

Uh oh.

Like many dogs, Matilda is a squirrel fanatic. She watches them intently from inside the house and as soon as we slide that back door open, the chase is on. We don’t worry too much about this because squirrels are fast and can climb trees in a hurry.

However, a baby rabbit is a different story. She could hop around, but did she have the speed to escape a crazed dog? We weren’t so sure.

We became very careful about letting Matilda out in the yard, always scanning the shrubbery before opening the back door. This worked okay until one day one of our kids opened the door and Matilda darted after the bunny as fast as her long Labradoodle legs would carry her.

Luckily, the bunny did not become Matilda’s play toy—she either ran down a hole, or scampered away through the thick bushes. But, we still worried about the next time Matilda spotted the bunny, who may not be so fortunate for round two.

Our backyard is fenced in so while Matilda can’t get out, the bunny is small enough to squeeze through or burrow underneath. And that seems to be what she did, because we haven’t seen her in a few days.

She’s likely living next door now, sticking her tongue out at Matilda from the other side of the fence saying, “nah, nah, nah, nah.”

As for Matilda, she’s still holding out hope that the bunny will come back and be her “friend.”

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