ASPCA Provides Grant for Program to Support Budding Animal Advocates in New York City

Monday, March 10, 2014 - 12:45pm
Unleashed Logo

We have exciting news for middle school students in New York City! The ASPCA has provided a $12,500 grant to Unleashed—a non-profit group that works to build confidence and purpose in young girls—to launch after-school programs to empower young animal advocates.

Participants in the Unleashed after-school programs at various local middle schools will engage in educational programs and projects where they will become animal advocates in their communities. They will learn how to combat problems such as animal homelessness, dog fighting and puppy mills. The girls will also participate in an animal rescue, as well as a social justice carnival.

We’re excited to see these inspiring Unleashed participants make a positive difference for animals in their communities!

Does your family want to get involved? Check out our top ways to help animals in your community, as well as our guide for ways for kids to help shelter pets!

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Sabrina mathenia

How great! I wish they had something like this in Baltimore, Maryland that also included boys because they kids there have been setting animals on fire thinking it is funny! Really we desperately need this program in every state to teach compassion to the youth especially in low income neighborhoods where animal abuse is more prevalent. Hopefully one day! :) This program is very exciting but really we need to get young boys involved because they tend to be more aggressive and are more prone to commit violent acts against animals.

Valerie Orner

It is critical to encourage compassion and love towards all living creatures and towards the planet. Teaching these important values to our youth will create a kinder world for all.

Suellen Scott

I LOVE this. Children are never to learn about compassion for animals and animal welfare.
This gives the girls ownership and pride, they can then help others.
I even take cats to preschools and talk to the kids about care and animal companionship.

Kay williams

This program is awesome. We need to start showing our children at a young age. What a horrible world it is here for most animals on planet earth.

Jen White

I'd love to get involved in un-leashed. I work in lower Manhattan!