ASPCA Plush Rescue Pets

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014 - 11:00

ASPCA Plush Rescue Pets

We’re beyond excited about our line of plush dog and cat toys that offers kids a chance to snuggle up with their very own rescue pets—no housetraining required! Besides being adorable, the ASPCA rescue plush also teaches children invaluable lessons about the importance of finding loving homes for shelter animals.

The plush toys are available on and at KMART stores nationwide. Sales of the plush toys help animals in need with 3-5% of each sale, with a minimum guarantee of $25,000 through December 31, 2015, going toward the ASPCA’s work to protect animals from harm.

If you’ve already purchased a plush dog or cat for your child—congratulations on your adoption! Here are a few fun things you and your child can do together to get off to a great start as the proud guardian of a plush rescue pet.

ASPCA Plush Toy Certificate 
Register Your ASPCA Plush Rescue Pet
Make your adoption official  by registering your pet’s name and gender. You’ll also receive a special registration number to add to your adoption certificate.

Take photos of your child with his or her plush rescue petTake photos of your child with his or her plush rescue pet and upload them using our photo submission form. We’ll feature our favorite images on ASPCA Parents!

Sign Our Pledge

Sign our pledge to always make pet adoption your first option. There are tons of healthy, sweet animals in shelters nationwide. Please join our effort to find them homes.

Black, tan and white cat with yellow eyesRead our pet care guides. Your plush adoption package includes some helpful hints, but we have tons of great guides to caring for live pets on Teach your kid how to trim your cat’s nails or give your pooch a bath. 

Join Team ASPCAGet involved by becoming a member of Team ASPCA. Does your child want to have a bake sale or lemonade stand for animals? Great idea! See our Get Involved section for more info. 

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