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ASPCA Equine Angels

An ASPCA Equine Angel is a rider, a member of the equestrian community, or anyone with a passion for horses that is exceptionally committed to helping the ASPCA make the world a better place for horses. 

Our Equine Angel program gets its name from the ASPCA’s original historic seal, which depicts a fallen carriage horse in harness being beaten by its driver and an armed angel of mercy hovering over the scene. This beautiful image, symbolizing compassion and the might of the ASPCA to enact and enforce anti-cruelty laws, was created in 1875 by illustrator Frank Leslie.  

Do you want to be a compassionate voice for horses, fundraise for the ASPCA Equine Fund and inspire others to take action? You’re invited to become an ASPCA Equine Angel!

For more information about becoming an ASPCA Equine Angel, please contact Brent O’Halon at [email protected] or (212) 876-7700. Ext. 4720.