Fight Cruelty

East Sandersville, Georgia—February 2010

Field Investigations and Response Team member holds injured dog

The Investigation

On February 21, five days after the ASPCA rescued 26 alleged fighting dogs left to die in Sandersville, GA, the Washington County Sheriff’s Department received a second tip about another suspected dog fighting ring.

The anonymous call led deputies to a property in the East Sandersville section of Washington County, GA. When the Washington County Sheriff’s Department arrived, two dogs were in the act of fighting and three men fled the scene. ASPCA Investigators helped secure the scene and found nine other dogs on the property. Eight of the dogs found were severely underweight and some of the dogs were suffering from various skin ailments.

On February 16, the ASPCA Field Investigations and Response team along with Washington County officials rescued 24 dogs and recovered the remains of six others and identified a total of over two dozen grave sites. While the two cases are very similar, authorities believe they are unrelated.

“The second tip came in because the witness had seen the first case on television news reports,” said ASPCA Senior Vice President of Anti-Cruelty, Matt Bershadker. “This just proves the importance of reporting cruelty and the fact that it inspires others to take action as well.”

The Aftermath

Authorities have arrested two suspects in conjunction with the East Sandersville case. The dogs from East Sandersville joined the two dozen others at an emergency shelter, where officials from the ASPCA and United Animal Nations cared for their immediate needs. The dogs from both cases were provided with all necessary medical care, and a team of pet behavior experts, including members of the ASPCA behavior staff, worked to evaluate each dog.

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