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IL: Cook County, Say No to Puppy Mills!

Repeal of the Ban on Puppy Mill Dog Sales in Pet Stores
  Commissioners Elizabeth Gorman and Joan Patricia Murphy
ASPCA Position:  Oppose
Action Needed:  Call and email your Cook County Commissioner today and urge him or her to uphold the ban on the sale of puppy mill dogs in pet stores!

Update – July 1, 2014: Thanks in large part to your calls and emails, the proposed amendment to repeal the puppy mill sales ban was pulled from consideration before the Cook County Board of Commissioners last month. Another attempt to roll back protections for puppy mill dogs may be made this fall, so we encourage you to stay vigilant and let your county commissioner know you oppose any attempt to weaken the puppy mill dog sales ban enacted earlier this year.
Just weeks ago, Cook County passed an ordinance to ban commercially bred dog and cat sales in local pet stores, instead allowing pet stores to offer rescued pets to customers. This was an important and groundbreaking step forward in the fight against puppy mills.

Unbelievably, after a unanimous vote in favor of this life-saving measure, two Cook County Commissioners have introduced an amendment to reverse this landmark ban. If passed, the amendment would allow pet stores to continue selling pets from puppy mills as long as the breeder has not committed any recent, direct violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act.

This is a huge step backwards. Federal standards are incredibly weak and insufficiently enforced. As a result, an absence of recorded violations is no guarantee that a commercial breeder is humane. In fact, the federal standards of care required by the Animal Welfare Act allow dogs in breeding facilities to be kept in tiny, overcrowded wire cages, and breeding dogs are often forced to bear litter after litter with no rest and inadequate veterinary care.

What You Can Do
Cook County, you’ve made it clear that you do not want puppy and kitten mill pets in your pet stores. Your county commissioner needs to hear your voice again to preserve this critical ban.

Please call and email (from your own email account) your commissioner right away and urge him or her to oppose any attempt to repeal the ban on puppy mill pet sales in county pet stores. For your email, you may use our sample text in the gray box below, or compose your own unique message explaining why this issue is important to you.

You can find all Cook County commissioner contact info listed below by district number. If you're not sure which district you live in, please refer to the map below.

Thank you, Cook County!

District #1
Commissioner Earlean Collins
Phone: 312.603.4566
District #2
Commissioner Robert B. Steele
District #3
Commissioner Jerry Butler
Phone: 312.603.6391
District #4
Commissioner Stanley Moore
Phone: 312.603.2065
District #5
Commissioner Deborah Sims Phone: 312.603.6381
District #6 (Sponsor of Ordinance Amendment)
Commissioner Joan Patricia Murphy
Phone: 312.603.4216
District #7
Commissioner Jesus G. Garcia
Phone: 312.603.5443
District #8
Commissioner Edwin Reyes
Phone: 312.603.6386
District #9
Commissioner Peter N. Silvestri,
Phone: 312.603.4393
District #10 Commissioner Bridget Gainer
Phone: 312.603.4210
District #11
Commissioner John P. Daley
Phone: 312.603.4400
District #12
Commissioner John A. Fritchey
Phone: 312.603.6380
District #13
Commissioner Larry Suffredin
Phone: 312.603.6383
District #14
Commissioner Gregg Goslin
Phone: 312.603.4932
District #15
Commissioner Timothy 0. Schneider
Phone: 312.603.6388
District #16
Commissioner Jeffrey R. Tobolski
Phone: 312.603.6384
District #17 (Sponsor of Ordinance Amendment)
Commissioner Elizabeth "Liz" Doody Gorman
Phone: 312.603.4215

Sample Email You Can Copy and Paste

Subject Line:

Please Oppose Any Efforts to Repeal Ban on Sale of Commercially Bred Pets in Cook County Pet Stores

As a concerned constituent, I am asking you to oppose any attempt to weaken the “Companion Animal and Consumer Protection Act.”

I was very grateful when you voted in support of this law, which will prevent the intolerable cruelty rampant in puppy mills, give shelters and rescues a greater opportunity to find homes for their animals and prevent puppy mill dogs from being sold to unwitting consumers.

Cook County residents made it clear that we do not want our pet shops to support the cruel puppy mill industry. I hope you will oppose any effort to roll back the progress we have made.

Thank you for your time and consideration.